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Helayna Brown

Dr. Perl and Dr. Moses are some of the best educators, doctors and surgeons that I have encountered in my 5 years of training. I am a better doctor and surgeon because of them. Dr. Perl’s need for perfection, both in the OR and in patient outcomes is contagious. He is passionate about teaching and strives to make the young surgeons he trains better than he is. The practice he has built attracts the most complex variety of patients, which makes an educational goldmine for any fellow. Dr. Moses is the model for the perfect patient-doctor relationship. He is patient, yet to the point. He is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes of the cornea and can solve any ocular mystery. Moreover, in the operating room he is adventurous and not scared off by a complicated eye as he skillfully transforms any eye back to life. Dr. Perl and Dr. Moses truly care and they want their fellows to succeed. I can only hope to be half the doctors that they are in my career and I am privileged to have trained with them.

Kristen Sigler

Tyler DeMatteo

I had wanted LASIK for years but my eye doctor always told me to wait. When my doctor finally told me I was a candidate, I jumped at the chance. She referred me to Corneal Associates, and upon calling to schedule my initial visit, everyone was so polite and welcoming. After going for my consult and meeting the staff and doctor, I knew Corneal was the group I wanted to trust my eye with. Dr. Perl, Lynn and everyone else made me feel at home. They are amazing and so is the eyesight they gave back to me.

Shannon Lenahan

After wearing glasses since I was 7 and contacts since 9, my eye care routine was getting cumbersome. When I noticed by night vision was changing in my 20’s, I knew I needed to make a change before it was too late. I work in the medical field, so I understand the importance of provider selection and after researching many specialists, it was clear Dr. Perl was the correct choice. The facility was clean and organized and Dr. Perl was informative and confident.
The procedure itself was quick and the recovery process relatively easy. I am able to see light coming through the blinds in the morning and it is amazing to be able to read the alarm clock at night. Thank you!

Kristen Sigler

Buh bye glasses and contacts! Last Tuesday I got LASIK surgery! I’ve worn glasses and contacts since 5th grade. I’ve owned (and lost) over 20 pairs of glasses, and 7,300 contacts. I decided to get the surgery because my contacts were driving crazy. My eyes are always itchy due to allergies, so my contacts frequently pop out the second I rub my eyes. During the Pan-Mass Challenge, I was cycling on mile 70 when I had water splashed into my face and my one of my contacts fell out. I couldn’t pull over, and I almost crashed into another cyclist. At that point, I made my choice to get the LASIK.

I quickly found out via word of mouth about Dr. Perl at Corneal Associates of New Jersey. It turns out we have a mutual good friend. I learned that he is known as one of the best LASIK surgeons in the nation! He is the top ranking corneal surgeon on Yelp and Google. I made an appointment, and learned that I was a candidate for the surgery. Two weeks later, I had the surgery, and it was totally painless! I had so much anxiety going into it initially. I was scared that NJ was going to have an earthquake as he was shooting lasers into my eyes. However, Dr. Perl assured me that the lasers would only work if they were matched to my corneas, so if I sneezed, or if NJ had an earthquake, the lasers would just turn off. Dr. Perl also told me he has done this surgery over 15,000 times with great results. Dr. Perl was so patient with me, as he answered all 20,000 of my questions. He even called me the night of my surgery to check in!

I was worried that I would need to take off from work after the surgery, but there was no need. I literally sat up after the surgery, and could see the clock! I went home and slept for 3 hours, and I woke up seeing EVERYTHING so clearly! By the next day, my vision was 20/15. I can only describe my new vision as going from an old 1990 TV screen (you know the kind that weighed 200 pounds and was blurry to watch) to a 2017 HDTV screen. I can see things with such precision and clarity.

LASIK has helped me in so many ways. I can now go on long bike rides without having to worry that my contacts are going to pop out of my eyes. It has even impacted my job. As a 5th grade math teacher, I can see my students’ work from standing across the room, and give them live feedback. I could never do that with contacts.

If you are considering LASIK surgery, I highly recommend going to Corneal Associates of New Jersey. Everyone there was so amazing. Dr. Perl is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen and I am so happy I decided to get LASIK.



Corneal Associates is excellent. They addressed every concern and told me what to expect before I even experienced it! They were spot-on at all times. Even when I expressed doubts about “why” to have surgery. Dr. Perl set me straight by saying “so you can see!” He was 100% on point. I appreciated a confident and firm doctor. I greatly appreciated the guidance from Lynn and the entire staff. Thank you!

It has been about 27 years of wearing glasses to read books. I could not see the alarm clock in the morning, or the beach from the ocean. That has all changed! It is a game-changing surgery! Thank you Corneal Associates of New Jersey!

David Boehning

“Stop reading reviews and go to Corneal Associates of New Jersey. You have decided to get corrective eye surgery and are now looking for the best surgery center to get your procedure done….. I’ve done the research for you. I’ve visited several corrective eye surgery centers throughout New Jersey and Corneal Associates is the best. I traveled almost 2 hours (about 80 miles) for my appointments and procedure at Corneal Associates, passing dozens of reputable corrective surgery centers. It was worth the time and travel. Other corrective surgery centers that I visited did not compare to Corneal Associates. Dr. Perl and his team are professional and welcoming. Everyone in that office is knowledgeable and personable. Dr. Perl was recommended to me by a couple family members, but I still did my research. Dr. Perl’s resume backs up his reputation. Dr. Perl teaches and certifies other surgeons. This is the place to get your corrective eye surgery procedure completed.

Corneal Associates was very accommodating. I made last minute decision to get my corrective eye surgery completed before a family vacation drive to Florida, rather than waiting until after I returned. Corneal Associates staff made it happen, fitting me in with no issues. Corneal Associates took my medical flex-pay that I arranged through my work and set me up to reasonably finance the rest, interest free.
You may find other centers that are cheaper, or that initially claim to be cheaper, but you will soon find out that they are sub-standard. Some places you never get to see where they perform the procedures, some places you never get to talk with your surgeon, some places just seem like they would rather generate a lot of volume(customers) and you feel like your just a number. You only have one shot at this. Go with the best, Corneal Associates of New Jersey.”

Jeree Wade

“Thank you for my new eyes!”






“After almost two years of going from one eye doctor to another (5 in all) and my vision deteriorating literally day by day, I finally arrived at Dr. Moses’ office. It was worth the wait. Every previous doctor dismissed my ‘mild cataracts’ as a cause of my mission loss. What Dr. Moses said was ‘let’s take cataracts off the table and see what your vision is like after surgery.’ I had cataract surgery and less than 24 hours later, I could see again. It was amazing! I am now able to see the expressions on the beautiful faces of my grandchildren. Thank you! Grateful is the word that describes how I feel.”

Cory Schneider

Monique B.

“I searched for seven months and had countless consults and did not feel comfortable until I met with Dr. Perl. He and his staff are amazing! At almost 54 years of age to not have to wear contacts or even reading glasses is nothing short of miraculous! I took his advice and did a mini mono – yea! Thank you. I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else.”

Nicole Farnese, OD

“I’ve been going to Dr. Perl’s lectures for years. I knew about him even before, when I was in optometry school. All my patients that I referred to him had good results. Plus I did research online, and I really think he’s the best in New Jersey. That’s why I came here. I’m very happy with how everything went… I was -9 [diopters], and today I’m 20/20, so it’s pretty amazing.”

Monique B.

“I have wanted LASIK for as long as I can remember. Since I became intolerant to my lenses I have no choice since I didn’t like glasses. It took me 7 months and visiting four other facilities before I saw Dr. Perl. Guess you can say I saved the best for last!”

Steve Scott

“I came in second, but you can come in first with Dr. Perl…”  Steve Scott, successful Perl LASIK patient.  “I started wearing glasses about 12 years ago as my vision diminished. Glasses were such a hassle and an inconvenience, especially when it came to the profession of golf. After I visited Dr. Perl, I was relieved when he told me I would be a good candidate for LASIK,” Said Steve. After Steve underwent bilateral all-laser custom LASIK, he is now seeing better than 20/20. “Thanks to Dr. Perl and his wonderful team, I could not be more pleased with my new vision. Not having to squint or wear glasses is simply amazing!” Steven said.

Bill Schindler






Ellen C.

Dear Dr. Perl, This is the 3rd time that I send my sincere thank you for improving my vision. How lucky I am that you chose to practice in North Jersey. Thank you for your talent, skill, and professionalism. I admire you and am deeply grateful. Sincerely, Ellen C. – October 12th, 2016

JoJo Starbuck – Olympic Figure Skater

Truly a “Miracle on Eyes!” LASIK at Corneal Associates was the best decision I’ve made.

Ekaterina Huelster

I can’t believe that I am able to look around without glasses. I wasn’t an ‘easy’ patient. However, the result is amazing. Dr. Perl, thank you for being around and giving people a chance to see without glasses. You are a wonderful doctor! Thank you!

Eriberto Miranda Jr.

I’m 32 years old and have worn glasses since third grade. I see better now that I could ever remember thanks to LASIK. I feel comfortable and confident doing things, even simple things such as swimming, running, etc. not worry about cleaning contacts or glasses is great. Dr. Perl, thank you for the beautiful work you have done on my eyes. You have a gift from God to change people’s lives for the better. It is truly amazing what you have done for me. Thanks again.

Terrance Latimer

From my first evaluation appointment to the post-operation appointments, I can truly say that I’ve received the best care with the doctors and staff at Corneal Associates. The surgical consultants are very knowledgeable and were able to answer every question I had in the days before my procedure. The procedure itself only took about 15 minutes and I was able to recognize immediate positive results as I left the office. Not once did I have to take Tylenol or Aspirin for pain or discomfort-because there was none! I would definitely recommend LASIK surgery to anyone who is tired of paying for expensive eyeglasses and constantly replacing disposable contact lenses. Waking up in the morning and not having to reach for my glasses is amazing! Having clear vision makes me feel like a new person…energized and ready to see all that the world has to offer. Dr. Perl, thank you so much for your professionalism in the work you do. The follow-up call from you on the evening of my procedure added a nice personal touch to this whole experience.

Peter Heiman

For me, LASIK was a great decision. I noticed a significant improvement in my vision right after the surgery. The clarity of my distance vision reminds me of younger days. Seeing more definition in everything from the flowers and trees to reading street signs is the biggest benefit. LASIK has made all my outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, and driving so much more enjoyable, along with going to concerts, a play or a basketball game. LASIK has especially helped my night driving when lights were a problem. I chose Dr. Perl based on the positive experiences of 2 associates. His explanation of the expectations following surgery has been right on.

Allison Hyland

It took me over 5 years to get up the guts to have LASIK. I’ve been in glasses for over 25 years and contacts were not an option for the last 15. This year I finally got the courage to begin the process to see if I was a candidate. Because of my nerves, I got 3 opinions to see if I was a candidate. My last opinion was with Dr. Perl and his staff. I had many questions and they answered all of them. So I made my appointment to have the procedure done. In about 20 minutes my vision was miraculously changed! “It is amazing that I see everything from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep. I love that I don’t have to be fogged up when I open the dishwasher or go from indoors to outdoors. It is clear all the time. Dr. Perl, your staff and professionalism was one of the key reasons I chose Corneal Associates for LASIK.

Mohan Bikking

I have thought about LASIK for years, and finally decided to just do it. I was surprised when other practices turned me away because my astigmatism was too severe. Dr. Perl set a realistic expectation and scale he could help me. Now I have 20/20 vision! A big thank you to Dr. Perl!

Linda Kemper

As a visually handicapped individual for at least the last 37 years, LASIK had my interest for a while, but “life” seemed to always get in the way. As a mother of 3, full-time teacher, Girl Scout leader, and a runner, I did not make time for my eyes. The best part of my day is opening my eyes and actually being able to read the alarm clock! That’s starting your day off on the right foot!

Jana Nowak

It’s amazing to be able to wake up in the morning and see, to not worry about contacts and glasses and all that goes with them. It’s great!

Al De Castro

I’m so pleased with Dr. Perl and his great staff. I wasn’t sure about LASIK, but after Perl advised me that I can have this procedure it is by far the best thing I’ve ever done! I have my own roofing company and now I’m so much more confident about going on roofs; seeing clearly. It’s Great!


I visited Dr. Perl about 4 years ago looking to improve my vision and get rid of my $14.95 CVS eyeglasses. He explained to me that I wasn?t a candidate for LASIK, but in 5 years I would be. Five years later he told me that the time was right and he did the surgery. Of course I was nervous about having surgery on my eyes, but the entire staff and Dr. Perl made this such a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Perl and his staff to anybody! How LASIK Changed My Life: “No more glasses, need I say more?”

Karen Gorzynski

Everyone there was completely professional and helpful, especially Dr. Perl. I can see the clock. I can see in the shower. I can run to help a child without having to find my glasses first.

Bill Meyer

Every thing Dr. Perl said would happen, happened. And it happened on the schedule that he said it would happen on.