What Is A Cataract?

Treatment for Cataracts and Cataract Surgery at Corneal Associates of New JerseyAs we age, our eyesight becomes less sharp, and our eyesight may start to be blurry or foggy. This is extremely common and can happen for multiple reasons, one of the biggest being cataract development. Cataracts are very common and are responsible for 51% of blindness in the whole world. Cataracts are associated with age, and in most cases, begins to develop starting in our 50s. A cataract will form as the natural lens in our eye starts to develop protein deposits, which can cause blurriness and distortion in vision. As it develops, less and less light is let through the eye, inevitably leading to vision loss.

Cataracts develops slowly over a period of years and initially, most patients don’t even notice an apparent change in their vision. Eye doctors usually discover cataract development before the patient notices. Attending regular eye examinations allows your optometrist to keep close watch of any potential cataract development, helping to determine if or when it’s time for surgery.

Many patients rely on eyeglasses or contact lenses to help improve their vision. However, this is only a temporary fix. As cataracts continue to mature, it is impossible to help or correct vision with prescriptions, glasses, or contact lenses, making cataract surgery necessary. Treatable at all stages of their development, the most effective treatment available today is cataract surgery. This surgery is one of today’s most common eye surgeries and has very high success rates. Cataract surgery has made many advances and is now one of the safest and most effective procedures.

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