LASIK for Pilots

Q. I’m A Pilot, Can I Have LASIK?

A: That is a very good question and simply, the answer is yes. At Corneal Associates of New Jersey, we believe strongly that LASIK for pilots can be a real game-changer. A pilot’s vision is the most important sense they possess, and their LASIK for pilots at Corneal Associates of New Jerseysafety and that of their passengers depends on how well they see. LASIK is so safe and effective that it has been approved for NASA astronauts and military pilots.

Dr. Perl has been a licensed commercial pilot for over 30 years and holds type ratings in multiple turbine and jet aircraft. Dr. Perl has had LASIK himself and feels it has completely changed his confidence in the cockpit. Pilots considering LASIK should understand the benefits as well as the risk. Dr. Perl can discuss LASIK with pilots during a personal complimentary LASIK consultation, as well as your candidacy based on your personal prescription. Most patients that have LASIK with Dr. Perl see 20/20 or better and often have improved contrast sensitivity and night vision.

The FAA on LASIK for Pilots

The FAA expects that a pilot will not resume piloting aircraft until his or her own treating health care professional determines:

  • The post-operative condition has stabilized;
  • There have been no significant adverse effects or complications; and
  • The person meets the appropriate FAA vision standards.

If these determinations are favorable and if otherwise qualified, the pilot may immediately resume piloting but must ensure that:

    • The treating health care professional documents his or her determinations in the pilot’s health care treatment record;
    • A copy of that record is immediately forwarded to the Aerospace Medical Certification Division in Oklahoma City; and
    • A personal copy is retained.

The airman may continue flight duties unless informed otherwise by the FAA or another disqualifying condition occurs.