Past Fellow Testimonials

My fellowship year at Corneal Associates of New Jersey was everything I had hoped for and more. Both Dr. Perl and Dr. Moses have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are enthusiastic teachers. The amount of one-on- one time I spent with both of them was unparalleled and was paramount to the excellent education I received. The experience was unique in that it was in a private practice setting, yet still provided ample exposure to a wide array of corneal disorders and a high volume of corneal and refractive surgeries. With the help of CANJ, I was also extremely fortunate to partake in a successful and invaluable mission trip to the Philippines. The training and patient care at CANJ is top notch and I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to work there. Thank you to the entire staff for an amazing year. —Kevin Cronin, MD
Sarah Mirza TestimonialMy year at CANJ was truly phenomenal. Dr. Perl’s vast experience in corneal and refractive surgery was invaluable to my training. Specifically, his attention to detail both in the examination room and the operating room is unmatched. He is very meticulous and makes sure every aspect of his surgery is perfect, even in the most challenging cases. I also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Eli Moses this year, who is very talented in anterior segment surgery as well as corneal surgery. I admired his vast clinical knowledge and outstanding surgical skill, and learned a lot of advanced surgical techniques from him. Furthermore, the staff at CANJ was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. I will miss everyone at CANJ, but I am very grateful for my experience here and feel confident moving on as a well-trained corneal and refractive surgeon! – Sarah Mirza, MD
Ruben Kuruvilla TestimonialI pursued a fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at Corneal Associates of New Jersey under the mentorship of Dr. Theodore Perl from July 2013 to June 2014. During my year at CANJ, I had the opportunity to expand my skills as an ophthalmic clinician and surgeon. With over 30 years of expertise in the area of Corneal and External Disease as well as Refractive Surgery, Dr. Perl was an outstanding mentor and surgeon and showed true commitment to teaching. During my fellowship I became proficient with not only various modalities of corneal transplant surgery but also Intacs, Collagen Cross-Linking, and Phakic Implant surgery as well. Furthermore, because Dr. Perl has an on-site Refractive Surgery suite, I gained hands-on experience with the latest technologies available for laser vision correction as well as invaluable guidance covering proper patient selection and management of complications. Because of this training, I have learned to hold myself to the highest standards of patient care and feel confident to begin my career as a first-class corneal and refractive surgeon! – Ruben Kuruvilla, MD
Michael Rosenberg TestimonialDear Dr. Perl, I am writing to thank you again for your kindness and your outstanding teaching during my Fellowship year in Cornea and Refractive Surgery from July 1996 through June 1997. I will always remember your outstanding surgical skills, diagnostic ability and interest in helping further the education of young ophthalmologists. I am forever grateful to you, your staff, and the patients at Corneal Associates of NJ for helping me in my education. – Michael Rosenberg, MD


Carrie Palmer TestimonialDear Dr Perl, I owe a large part my success as a surgeon to the phenomenal training and example set by Dr. Perl and his team at the Corneal Associates of NJ (CANJ). There are few – if any – practices that can match the wide-ranging corneal experience as at CANJ. Learning about corneas from Dr. Perl is like learning about physics from Einstein. He is considered among the best and his corneal transplantation skills are especially first-rate with amazing results. His high standards and expectations are passed along to his fellows, and I could not have wished for a better mentor. Dr. Perl gave me the confidence and skills necessary to take on any corneal disease. In the office, the staff and ancillary testing are excellent, leading to a smooth operating practice, increased patient comfort, and effective diagnoses. Dr. Perl has taught me the drive to excel by striving for the utmost patient satisfaction while using the best equipment and instrumentation possible. At Corneal Associates of NJ, the patient always comes first. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better corneal and refractive surgery fellowship than at CANJ. I am so grateful I can take everything I’ve learned and use it towards helping my own patients. Thanks so much Drs. Perl and Cheng!!! – Carrie Palmer, MD
Amita Vadada TestimonialDear Dr. Perl, Thank you so much for all of your guidance this year! It was definitely a tough year but I truly learned so much, and am thankful to have you as a mentor. Your strong work ethic is exceptional, and your experience in the field is virtually unmatched! I really respect your work as a corneal surgeon, and your ability to balance your hobbies and personal life as well. You are constantly pushing yourself and others around you to perfection, which is what makes you a great doctor! Thank you again for this year, and looking forward to keeping in touch. – Amita Vadada, MD